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Experience eLearning in 360° The comprehensive front-end of the cBook maximises engagement by offering traditional content mixed in with audio, visual, interactive & gamification features - created by cBook's very own easy-to-use and powerful authoring suite.   
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The cBook Player combines the funtionality of a traditional WBT and the ability to create a 360° subject matter, for instance with an interactive Mr.Fish™ sequence or a high-value video illustrating the content. 

For community learning, the cBook Player offers the trainer the ability to manage unique learning groups, who can interact with one another through a diverse range of collaborative features and extensions -  voting, surveys, simple Q&A, or WordCloud or Pinwall.
For the learner, it offers the ability to add personal notes to individual slides through Notes, sharing said notes or any other media assets with one another through the Activity Center, or compressing the 360° storytelling experience into a concise chapter for revision at the press of a button, using our patented Story-Mode / Book-Mode feature.

Maximise your online Learning Experience and engage your senses with cutting-edge course design and social media!

Story Mode

... tells a truly interactive multimedia story, with animations and voice-over narration. Ideal for Web-based Trainings.

Book Mode

... turns any story into a concise overview with a single click. Ideal for classrooms, blended learning scenarios and revising.

Experience chat, sharing and personalisation in blended learning.

Deliver powerful and deeply interactive learning experiences, with multiple options for personalisation, inter-connectivity and integrating external elements.

User forums & community
for your digital training

Chat with your trainees easily from within the WBT, using cBook's Activity Center.

Personalise content through Notes & Bonus Materials

cBook allows users to add notes on every single slide and share them with fellow trainees and peers.



Assessment Tool

Interactive Videos

Page Templates

Advanced Addons

Integrate external online tools to empower your WBT

cBook integrates all the web-tools that you will ever need. No more external interlinking and application-swapping during presentations!

Advanced interactivity in your online training: Extensions

cBook has been designed around the best features of web-technology. cBook extensions introduce a new element of interactivity into your WBTs.

Ease your authoring and design processes with web-skins

Accelerate your authoring processes using web-skins. Concentrate on the writing, let cBook do the styling!

Themes &
Templates (HTML 5)

Ready-to-use templates and design themes help novice and expert authors alike create and design content easily.
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