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One LXP, For Every Industry

From product and service, to soft or hard skills training, our Learning Experience Platform is used in a wide range of industries; from retail, production, to banking and beyond. 

Product & Technical

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 necessitates intense reskilling & upskilling across every industry sector. Due to its advanced tools for creating complex visualisations, cBook strenghtens the production, service, financial and pharmaceutical industries to manage the skill transformation of their workforce.

Special cBook features: 
Animation of machine operation (3D and Augmented Reality), interactive visualisations of technical and financial data.

Process & Change Communication

The engagemant of your employees with new processes, tools and business strategies is key to a successful business transformation. So is the effective communication of compliance & legal regulations. cBook is your optimum solution to engage users across sectors successfully, through its storytelling features in particular.

Special cBook Features:
Story and Book Mode for convincing storytelling,
click-path visualisations for software introductions. 

Soft Skills & Leadership 

Negotiation, conversation, sales and leadership skills are key to developing a successful and sustainable corporate strategy. By integrating realistic and interactive video scenarios, cBook enables the acquisition and upgradation of skills across industry sectors, e.g. automotive, food, banking & telecommunication industries.

Special cBook features:
Interactive videos for negotiation training,
integration of 360° videos for supremely realistic training scenarios. 

cBook Onboarding Experience.

cBook gets your new employees on board effectively. Communicate your business strategy and develop talent with impact. The cBook community approach helps new employees understand the core values of your corporation, be it the automotive, service & production or the consumer goods industry. 

Special cBook Features:
Onboarding performance evaluation, special coaching features like Rewards & Appraisals. 
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